About us

Our company has been engaged in the production of plastic products since 1986. The production of various plastic products has been pursued at our current plant since 1996. The Piringer Ltd. was officially registered in 2001 and took over the production and distribution of plastic products from a company called Kanál Plusz Bt.      

Basically, we produce polypropylene straws and single-use plastic cutlery made of polystyrene. Our products are mainly distributed to domestic and international wholesalers. Significant proportion of our products is exported, but we aim for a continous increase of domestic sales. 

Our main export market is the EU, more specifically Germany, but we sell our products almost in all EU member states (e.g. England, France, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia), and also non-EU countries like Switzerland and Serbia are among our customers. 

We are proud of our modern and constantly renewed, machine park, which allows an efficient production and ensures the high quality of our products. Of course, above our standard supplies, we are ready to satisfy individual needs and orders. Manufacturing developments are implemented based on the emerging claims of the market. 


Our plastic straw production machine park consists of six complete production lines which are suitable for the production of drinking straws within the range of 5mm – 12mm diameters. We can produce more than 5 million plastic drinking straws on a daily basis. Our packaging machines are suitable for the individual wrapping of drinking straws in paper or BOPP foil. In addition to the traditional straight drinking straws we employ the production of flexible and spoon straws as well.

Currently, we are mainly producing pizza box spacers and a wide range of plastic cutleries on our high-volume injection machine lines. Plastic cutleries can be conveniently packaged individually or in sets with napkins in BOPP foil.


We have been successfully working together with multinational companies like McDonald’s, Pepsi and Coca-Cola for more than twenty-five years. 


One of the greatest strengths of our firm is flexibility which is the advantage of our small but efficient Management Team. This leads to another major advantage: prompt reorganization of  production adjusted to our customers’ needs.           


We try to grasp the vision of our clients with the help of our professional knowledge and experiences.  


We continously look for raw material suppliers and wholesaler companies and partners who are interested in the distribution of our plastic products across Europe and worldwide.