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Our company has been engaged in the production of plastic products since 1986. The production of various plastic products has been pursued at our current plant since 1996. The Piringer Ltd. was officially registered in 2001 and took over the production and distribution of plastic products from a company called Kanál Plusz Bt.      

Basically, we produce polypropylene straws and single-use plastic cutlery made of polystyrene. Our products are mainly distributed to domestic and international wholesalers. A significant proportion of our products is exported, but we aim for a continous increase of domestic sales. 

Our main export market is the EU, more specifically Germany, but we sell our products almost in all EU member states (e.g. England, France, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia), and also non-EU countries like Switzerland and Serbia are among our customers. 



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